As you aim to boost international PPC performance, it is essential to understand your target market and know your business objectives. Remember that we are dealing with online marketing during pandemic times, which has changed significantly since most people have been forced to work remotely.

It has also changed the structure of relevant keywords and campaigns since people have adjusted their consumer behaviors, which means that one should keep things flexible and manage conversion rates with the help of even more keywords and strategic approaches. 

Boosting International PPC in 2021 

1. Create a Strong Marketing Plan

First of all, you must implement surveys, basic data collection methods, and Google AdSense analysis among other research methods. Take time to learn these 10 tips for your international marketing plan. It will help you to focus on various global markets and avoid the most common mistakes. Since we are dealing with more than one customer category (as it will differ from land to land), think of your marketing as if you create a special road map where you implement different strategies for each location. 

2. Explore Ads of Your Competitors

The trick is to keep your content competitive and offer something that stands out from the rest. Remember that people must see that what you offer is not offered anywhere else, which is exactly what inspires most online users for a deeper exploration. Approaching helpful tools like SpyFu, you can see what keywords have been used by your competitors. Doing so is completely legal and helps to understand current competition, high-performance, and LSI keywords among other things. It is especially good for those cases when you are dealing with an unknown market and customer audience. 

3. High-performance Keyword Selection 

These are keywords with the highest click-through rate. Boosting PPC levels, explore and analyze them through the prism of local applicability first. If you have something that already works well, see if it is applicable for a foreign region. This is where you must use localized or translated keywords with consideration of marketing aspects and popular search queries. You can use TheWordPoint translation service by contacting either localization specialists or certified business translators to check your keywords as you discover them. These must match your landing page(s)! 

4. Track Your Conversion Rates

Keeping your conversion rates in control is paramount for international PPC boosting. If something can be measured based on certain criteria, it means that various optimization methods can be implemented. The most challenging part is keeping your conversion work in one piece since every international branch will have its share of keywords and chunks of data that will have to be adjusted. Remember that conversion per se is not enough if it does not bring you actual clients and business revenue. Setting up your conversion trackers correctly should come first because if it does not address your strongest points, any optimization work will be useless. 

5. Avoid Generic Targeting 

Also known as the “top of the funnel” targeting method, it is not bad per se, yet when one implements too much of it, it may confuse people as they do not really know what your ad aims to target. If you can take a specific product niche, always keep things targeted. It is never good to drive traffic to your page that does not contain something precise that has been advertised. Boosting your PPC performance in 2021, keep things hyper-targeted. Narrow things down or unite several concepts or products into one by offering a certain line or related services. 

6. The Importance of Correct Landing Pages

As you are researching your conversion rates and high-performance keywords, do not forget about the landing pages. When your landing page is poor and advertises things without the inclusion of correct keywords and unique content, sending your PPC traffic to such a webpage will not help much. Therefore, focus on your landing pages and use some of them for testing purposes to see what strategies work best. 

Author Bio: As a business consultant and educator, Michael likes to explore anything from digital marketing, international business relations, and learning apps. His posts offer simple, yet efficient solutions. Follow Michael to learn something new and get inspired.