There are a LOT of parenting books out there. I know because I read them for reviews on this site. Many of them say the same things in different ways. Here are five that are original, helpful, and just good reads. If you read any parenting books, read these. These are not in presented in any order.

NutureShock Cover


Before we had all the current anti-racism lists, I reviewed NutureShock, a book that uses evidence to prove that you can’t raise colorblind kids.

There is also some really great information about the mistake of gifted and talented programs and other things that may be stressing you out right now.



If You Missed This Book, Read It Now



This book is a miracle. I give it to all my friends who are preparing for the big step.

They even have consultants if the book isn’t enough!

Interview with Jenny Phelps, owner of Oh Crap Potty Training with Jenny


From our reviewer: “There are a lot of parenting books out there, and most of them have some pretty good ideas, but some books really stick with you. I actually read this book in a pedagogy class before I had any kids of my own, but now that I am a parent I have found its lessons to be very informative, useful, and even inspiring.”

Book Review: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

This classic cannot be beat, but now there is another one that is also really great:

This version for younger kids is fantastic. I keep finding myself going back to read important parts.

This book has some great tips and teaches you to chill out a bit.






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